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Like doctors, CPA firms have specialties and at MyPhysicanCPA ours is medical practice accounting. We focus on supplying the accounting services, tax planning, and practice consulting doctors and dentists need to maintain a healthy practice. When you turn to us for back-office solutions, we take the time to develop a complete understanding of your practice and offer financial guidance based on what we learn. We then create a customized plan to manage cash flow, streamline bookkeeping processes, and tighten internal controls. We'll also find ways to limit tax exposure so you can reduce your taxes, keep more of your profits, and increase your wealth.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us, and every client can count on our Georgia CPA firm to deliver. We promise that working with MyPhysicanCPA will be cost-effective and beneficial to your medical practice. You can depend on us for sound financial advice, tax strategies that will save you money, and accurate accounting management.

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certified tax coach

Certified Tax Coach

Certified Tax Coaches are educated by The American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches (AICTC) in advanced tax planning strategies. We use this knowledge to create advanced tax reduction strategies using a mix of tax credits and deductions that most accountants can easily miss. We know how to leverage legal and ethical tax loopholes that bring significant tax savings to our clients. The best strategies are proactive, so don't wait to make an appointment. Visit our tax Certified Tax Coaching website to learn more.

Hope St. Clair

Hope St. Clair, CPA, CTC

Hope St. Clair is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Coach (CTC) specializing tax reduction strategies for successful small business owners. As a highly trained Tax Coach, Hope is an expert in tax planning strategies and saves her clients thousands of dollars each year using tax credits, deductions, and loopholes that other CPAs do not know how to find.

For nearly 20 years, Hope has called Georgia her home after transferring from Southern California to work with The Coca-Cola Company. After a decade of working for this wonderful company, she was tempted by her entrepreneurial spirit to help run the family contracting business. Both of these experiences were the perfect foundation for the services she have been providing to clients at since 2006.